May 2024

Newsletter Issue #19

Continuing professional development (CPD), can be broadly defined as any type of learning you undertake…

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October 2023

Newsletter Issue #18

Reporting accidents and near misses is not about attributing blame, but more about identifying the root cause…

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March 2023

Newsletter Issue #17

At the end of 2022 the HSE issued a summary of the accidents and work-related ill health reported in the UK…

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December 2022

Newsletter Issue #16

Falls from ladders account for 40% of all falls from height in the UK each year…

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April 2022

Newsletter Issue #15

On 28th March 2022, the second Amendment to the 18th Edition was released…

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October 2021

Newsletter Issue #14

HSE inspectors are preparing to visit more than 1,000 construction sites…

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June 2020

Newsletter Issue #13

Covid-19 or Corona Virus has had a significant impact to all operations…

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March 2020

Newsletter Issue #12

Following a successful tender, we will be carrying out a full electrical installation…

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November 2019

Newsletter Issue #11

Profitability of jobs relies heavily on our ability to spend within the budget set…

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July 2019

Newsletter Issue #10

I’m pleased to say we have recently been awarded several projects in…

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March 2019

Newsletter Issue #9

Just a quick reminder from me on the importance of testing our work…

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November 2018

Newsletter Issue #8

As you are aware, we need to make circuits safe before we work on them. To help…

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August 2018

Newsletter Issue #7

It was great to have the opportunity to catch up with many of you at our recent summer party…

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May 2018

Newsletter Issue #6

Finally, it seems the bad weather is behind us and spring is here at last. It’s crazy to think that the warmest April day in 70 years came just a month after a snow storm!

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January 2018

Newsletter Issue #5

Firstly, I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year. We have a lot of exciting new projects coming up over the next 12 months and I am looking forward to discussing these jobs with you at our annual company meeting.

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October 2017

Newsletter Issue #4

Sadly, we have experienced more tool thefts in the last few weeks. While we cannot stop robberies from occurring, we can endeavor to do everything possible to prevent loss of equipment.

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August 2017

Newsletter Issue #3

Hopefully all those who came to our summer works social enjoyed themselves. It was a shame the weather stopped us from fishing, but I will be looking to book the boat again soon.

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June 2017

Newsletter Issue #2

With the tragic news earlier this month that 3 young workmates died when their work van overturned on the A38, I want to focus this month’s newsletter on driving safety.

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May 2017

Newsletter Issue #1

Welcome to the first edition of Red Rock Electrical’s newsletter. Our newsletter aims to communicate news to all Employees during our time of rapid growth. Regular sections will include Health & Safety updates, up and coming Projects as well as office news and announcements.

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