Co-Op Food Regional Distribution Centres

Red Rock Electrical Ltd are specialists in the refrigeration electrical installation sector. This project saw the installation of new refrigeration data management systems to Co-Op Food regional distribution centres in Lea Green, Birtley, Andover and Castlewood.

Close monitoring of high-temperature and low-temperature cold stores is required to ensure that optimal conditions are maintained, and frozen and chilled produce is kept fresh, ready for distribution to supermarkets. Compressor and condenser alarms provide early warning of any refrigeration plant failures.

A requirement was identified for enhancement of the existing refrigeration data management systems to these 4 sites, with a tight schedule for completion. Control panel-building facilities at our head office allowed us to manufacture and label the hardware off-site to schematic diagrams, simplifying and reducing the duration of the works on-site. Existing refrigeration plant was modified, control cabling installed, and control panels distributed to site and connected, with all 4 buildings successfully completed, commissioned and operational within a 3-month period.